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Feb 4, 2013 4:00am EST
a 500 pound settlement with u.s. and uk regulators later this week. rbs will cover the bonus pools after a warning from the government that taxpayers should not foot the bill. rbs is planning to float the 316 branches of santander it has so far failed to sell. according to the papers, an ipo would allow the bank to dispose of that unit cleanly. lots going on. we're pleased to be joined by michael brown. welcome. >> happy monday morning. >> i know you want to talk about the super bowl. >> well, that would be nice given i was up watching it. >> i'm impressed. i should have been up staying up all night. my sister lives in baltimore. >> there are plenty of bank stories to get to in the meantime. >> absolutely. >> we're going to hear from george osborne in just a couple on hours' time. what does this mean? >> the idea is, of course, that we should have capital in both parts. but the problem is, there isn't enough capital to go around and, therefore, you don't want to spook the financial markets by saying, by the way, yes, you do need to have this. how do we get to where we want to be, i.e. en
Feb 4, 2013 3:00pm PST
, but don't worry, u.s. coal companies are getting in on the act too. >> jennifer: pollution readings in beijing, china were the worst on record last month. they advised the elderly, children and people with respiratory to just stay in doors. the air was so bad it was literally off of the charts. the air quality index maxes out at 500. in the chinese capitol, the reading hit a whopping 755. a major culprit behind the toxic smog was coal. china is the largest consumer of coal. and its appetite for coal isn't waning any time soon. it currently has 620 coal-fired power plants with another 363 coal fired power plants in the works. coal is of course among the dirtist of fossil fuels. here is a dirty little secret some of this coal comes from america, and if big coal has its way, there will be much more en route to asia. the u.s. coal industry is currently campaigning hard to ramp up the amount of coal that we export. they are hoping to bill five new ocean terminals in washington and oregon where u.s. coal would be shipped abroad to china and india. those terminals would
Feb 4, 2013 1:00pm EST
and spain, to a lesser extent. i would say the declines in the u.s., fairly modest. given that we moved a thousand point in the month of january. >> kenny was here, director of floor with securities. >> we haven't even traded 300 million shares down here today. that's relatively weak. but you made the point. we were up almost 7% year to date. so off a half percent or three quarters percent is not a reason for anyone to panic but a sense the market was exhausted like we been talking about and that in fact maybe it will test the 1475 level for support on the s&p because it was such a tough level to get through on the way up. >> on the way up. >> let's listen to what les had to say because he is longer term bullish and maybe this entry point. take a look. >> this is a crisis for another crisis. we look at again, the market from a cycle of viewpoint, when have you market that started the way this did, consolidated very nicely. now have you exuberant phase, again, i'm still comfortable saying at some point this year, at least 55% possibility. >> all right. 1600 is what he is looking for. is
Feb 4, 2013 9:00am EST
, back to you. >> thank you very much, simon hobbs. let's see how this is all going to impact the u.s. session here. we have the head of u.s. equity and quantitative strategy with bank of america, merrill lynch. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. thank you for having me on. >> we've been able to put europe on the back burner, but right now it might bring back bad memory for investors that this is exactly what derailed us a year ago. >> it's eerily similar. you know, i think, though, that the big surprise for the u.s. equity market is that we might not see a pullback. i feel like everyone's expecting one. and we might not actually see one. for a bunch of reasons. i mean, last year, i think one thing that was a little bit different was that sentiment was not as negative as it was at this point, where we are today. if you look at wall street strategists, equity allocation is still sub 50%. you've still got a lot of strategists with price targets below where the market is today. i feel like a lot of investors have regarded this rally that we've seen so far as, you know, too far, to
Feb 4, 2013 2:00pm EST
, it remains difficult to be excited about the core u.s. business. when can we get excited about the core business? >> given that i just upgraded the stock and am looking for reasons to be excited in general, i just don't know. do i think that marisa mare has a chance of figuring things out? perhaps. perhaps. i think is more intellectually honest to say, hey, i'm looking for the core business to be flat over the next few years. not come up with any -- not catch lightening in a bottle, as they say, or any way it revitalize yahoo!. if the management team there can cup of something off and pull something around from mobile or social, that's all up side. >> we appreciate the intellectual honesty. thank pup. >>> you /* now david, what do you got? >> we have a response from s&p to what is expected to be a civil lawsuit by the doj against the rating agencies and can give you a bit more background on this expected lawsuit. again, walla walla street journal saying it is coming. that does appear the case. s&p out with a detailed press release responding to the as yet to be filed lawsuit. which will
Feb 4, 2013 3:00pm EST
of the u.s. government back in the summer of 2011. is it political payback? they're at least asking the question. s&p has gotten ahead of the u.s. government by putting out its own press release saying it would be without factual or legal merit for the doj to sue. as we previously also reported, there were at least -- there was a desire on the part of the doj to get at least a billion dollar settlement and admission of guilt from s&p to drop the charges. s&p said no thank you. it would be a long time until we go to court, but this is an interesting potential case and certainly an important news story that is having significant pressure on both mcgraw-hill stock price and interestingly on that of moody's despite according to our sources there does not seem to be a case mounted against moody's president . at least at this point. >> selling off just in case though. >> absolutely. we're looking at the stock markets reaction. stay right there. we want to get reaction from brian belski and bob pisani. what about this? when you see a move like this in these stocks while we're waiting. what
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
the u.s. markets, you still found value here to play. >> absolutely, no doubt. all you have to do is go back to friday, the job numbers, we wiped out friday with today. it's basically a doefrover right now. plenty of opportunities. i think we are all looking for the best opportunities in the marketplace today. i still look at some of those names and the names i found are names performing already, at 52-week highs. >> the mow mmentum trades in th market. >> yeah. >> the biggest bull on the street in 2012, but where does he see the markets going in 2013? let's welcome barry bannister. barry, great to see you once again. >> yes, thank you. >> you see -- s&p 500, 1600. how will we get there? >> well, that was our target since may 29th. we thought we'd hit it in '12. we pushed it into the first half of '13. it's p.e. expansion on the more cyclical parts of the economy. if you look at energy materials, industrials, officialfinancials trade at lower p.e.s, and we think it's not that bad. >> once we hit 1600, barry, you think that is going to be the top in the markets for 2013, is that correct?
Feb 4, 2013 12:00pm EST
and there is a debate about what fiscal cliff will mean for the u.s. or wasn't going to mean for the u.s., then you have the fed come out in december and say they would buy $45 million in treasuries out again and gold price came down $150 bucks. >> tom, thanks so much. we will do final trades after this short break. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ we all work remotely so this is a big deal, our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shouting ] oh i'm sorry guys. ah sometimes the caps lock gets stuck on my keyboard. hey do you wanna get a drink later? [ male announ
Feb 4, 2013 6:00am PST
to vote on lifting the ban. >> the u.s. postal service will release a stamp honoring civil rights pioneer rosa parks unveiled during a ceremony in detroit today. it would have been her 100th birthday today. she was arrested in 1955 after refusing to give up her bus seat to a white person in alabama. she showed the defiance that became a symbol of the civil rights movement. >> it is cloudy but you can see the bay lights. >> it looks like a waterfall on the side of the bay bridge. >> better than having tears. >> now, outside, you can see a lot of people waking up in a bad mood and gray this morning as are the clouds. hopefully the feeling of despair will pass and the sun will come out and make for a brighter afternoon. we have downtown san francisco right here, the mark of a true fan, still wearing your colors after the team lost. you can see i am wearing the gold and red this morning, as is joe who always does. the biggest homer in the state. now, a look at what is going on, we are already talking next year, draft pick and lockdown corner. it is amazing and the game is not even 24 hours ol
Feb 4, 2013 3:00am PST
negotiations over its nuclear program. the u.s. and european officials, however, are skeptical such talks will happen. iran has delayed similar negotiations in the past and is yet to formally commit a delegation to a new round of talks scheduled for later this month. >>> and usa today," several school districts throughout the u.s. are considering a ban on energy drinks such as a-hour energy and red bull. a recent study found emergency room visits linked to such drinks doubled over the past four years. in 2011, the energy drink industry was valued at $8.9 billion. can i just say, anybody feel comfortable -- does anybody drink those thing? >> no. >> kids. >> have you guys ever drank red bull? i've known a few adults -- i know the "morning joe" staff does. >> it's not good for you. >> i've been worried about them. >> morning joe" staff has it on an i.v. drip. >> you ever do red bull? >> i've sampled it. >> i think heilmann has sampled everything at one point in time. >> it's kind of asked and answered. >> it's perfecty legal. >> it is perfectly legal. i would be concerned about my children.
FOX Business
Feb 4, 2013 3:00pm EST
highlighted, the u.s. is not going to default, but the reason they downgraded us was political dysfunctionality, liz. and that's a theme we remain with, dysfunctionality, deleverage. liz: david darst is coming up with five names in a minute for your portfolio. so stay tuned. i'm so thrilled to have you here on a day like this where we're falling. people get a little nervous. don't be david says. the closing bell ringing in exactly 50 minutes. whole foods a favorite on wall street over the years, with its stellar margins, steady traffic in stores, strong growth and it all started as a dream that co ceo and co founder john mackey says still operates as a dream in his mind and in the shareholders minds it should. the tenets of mackey's conscious capitalism. he's going to outline these for you. will it work for you and your company? he says it will. you need to hear it. it's a fox business exclusive. ♪ i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)